Shaped Mounts available instore and online

We have have our own brand of cut shaped picture mounts, which we like to call Designer Picture Mounts. We have been cutting Shaped Picture Mounts since 2008, we were one of the first to supply these mounts and frames, you can purchase them in our shop here in Bath or you can order online at other web site
Some come ready for you to put in your own standard size frames, including I Love My Mini and Love which are quite cool.

Love shaped photo mount Mini car shaped mount

And because so many people have asked us for a DIY version of these mounts, we have produced what we call DIY Designer Mounts, some of our favourite animals and birds including, ourHedgehogs, Seahorses, Elephant Family many more and we hope they bring a smile to your face. They are ready for you to put your own backing behind the cut shaped windows, some of the things you can use are - wrapping paper, designer paper, wall paper, material, felt, wine labels, feathers the list can go on and on. We can also produce one-off, custom bespoke designs, just contact us and put us to the test.
All these and more are available in our shop and on line at

Hedgehog cutouts seahorses cut outs  
seahorses cut outs seahorses cut out  
Elephant Family shaped photo mount  



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