Sports Shirt Framing

Here are some examples of Sports Shirts we have framed for customers, we hope it helps to show you that there are some options when you require a Football, Rugby or Cricket shirt framed

Framed Football Shirt

DIY Sports Shirt Framing

This is our DIY (Do It Yourself) style Sports Shirt Framing, we make the frame for you and you do the finishing touches, the frame are available in Black , White or Plain Wood ( you can paint, stain or just wax it yourself)

Framed Football Shirt

Full Custom Sports Shirt Framing

Full Custom Sport Shirt Framing is where you bring in the shirt to us, together we discuss how you would like to frame your football shirt or rugby shirt. You leave the shirt with us for a while and we do all the work, you just need to hang the framed sport shirt when you take it home

Framed Sports Shirt

Custom Football Shirt Framing

Another Full Custom framing of a sports shirt, this time the customer wanted the back of the shirt showing and they also wanted some photos they had taken on the day of their visit along with an official photo

Framed Cricket Shirt

Framed Cricket Shirt

Framed Cricket Shirt

We have framed a lot of photographs for a long and established cricket club (Lansdown Cricket Club) so it was only natural for the club to ask us to frame this shirt of one of their young players who has gone on to play for Gloucestershire.
We mounted the shirt onto a backing mount, then fitted a overmount which was cut to the shape of the shirt, along with extra windows for the information.


Variation on a Theme

The next two shirts were for the same customer, but they had them framed differently

Framed Football Shirt

Framed Sports Shirt

First Variation

In this variation we mounted the shirt on top of the backing mount, on this mount we used our computerised mountcutter to write some text on the mount, with information on and where the football match was played, we also cut some windows in this mount so we could place some photos of the young lady who wore the shirt while playing for her country.

Sports shirt framing

sports shirt framing

Second Variation

In this variation we mounted the shirt onto the backing mount, then we cut an over mount, to place on top of the shirt, on this mount we also wrote some text with our computerised mountcutter with information regarding this shirt, and also with photos of the shirt being worn in this international match

  A Very proud father commissioned these sports shirts framing


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