Certificate and Diploma framing

A small selection of framed certificate and diplomas

Music Diploma

Music Diploma

This Music Diploma was framed in a traditional way, with a double mount, the under mount picking up a colour from the diploma, while finishing it all of in a traditional shaped gold frame with a slight distress finish.

Swimming Certificate framed

Swimming Certificate

Not all certificate framing has to be grown up and formal. you can have bright and colourful framing for your certificate, as we have done for this child's swimming certificate.We have use a nice bright mount as is in the certificate, and finished it off with a nice bright colour frame to compliment the certificate.

GCF Certificate framed

Elaborate Certificate Framing

Of course you can push the boat out and frame you certificate or diploma in a very elaborate way, as we have done with is one ( in fact this is Steve's Guild Commended Framer Certificate ). We used quite an elaborate double mount, again the under mount picking up a colour from the certificate, we just showing off our computerised mount cutter. And to finish it off we used a nice big black spoon shaped frame


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