Framed Art

Below is a selection of art we have framed for our customer

Cotswold Framed

Cotswold Landscape

This Limited print of a Cotswold landscape was framed with a mount with an Ivory whitewashed frame

Framed Old Photo

Old Family Photographs

This old family photo was frames with a triple mount, the bottom mount (next to the photo) was a double thick mount cut with an oval shape window, the mount was then painted gold . then another oval shape window mount in white was placed on top. And finally an off white mount with a decorative shape window on top, then an attractive gold frame finishes it all off

Captain America

Captain America

We framed this work on Aluminium with a double mount with white stars cut out of the top mount, quite unique, this we able to do with our computerised mountcutter, to finish off we used Conservation glass to protect the art work from Ultraviolet light and fading

Glastonbury Tor

Digital Prints

This open edition print of Glastonbury Tor has been tastefully framed with a nice mounts and a very elegant gold frame

Framed Zen


No this not a bad photo, the original work was painted on board that was this shape, the collector had tried different framers to frame this piece, we were able to come up with a solution
First we mounted the artwork on a board so that it appeared to be floating, we then cut and joined a box frame to follow the shape of the artwork. After staining the frame a mahogany colour, we then cut the glass to fit the frame, finally we assembled the frame. The customer was very pleased with the result



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